What should I know before I buy a laptop? [Experts Guide]

What should I know before I buy a laptop: We are moving forward with the way technology is advancing, the way the world is moving forward. At the same time, our demand is increasing. Four or five years ago, I used to see what was the demand for desktop computers.

But now with the advent of technology, laptops have come to the forefront. Now students and housewives are interested in using laptops.

[su_note note_color=”#e3ffe9″]Why not have this interest? Everything that is available in the middle of a small book-sized device. From listening to music, a lot of big work can be done with this small book size device. So today many people are seen buying laptops all the time.[/su_note]

But do you know what kind of laptop is for you? You don’t think about this when you buy a laptop, but after buying it, you can see a lot of hair falling out.

What should I know before I buy a laptop [2020]?

Tell me, would you have to tear your hair if you think a little and work? So today I will share some things from my real ignorance, which will help you to choose the desired laptop.

Not all laptops are for everyone. If you are a student then any laptop is normal for you but if you are a web developer then your laptop must be highly configured to survive.

Isn’t that so? I have divided my vision into four parts for those who will use laptops, Ex:

  • Students
  • Programmers/gamers [eg: web developer or software developer]
  • Who trade business
  • Who just stay at home [ex: those housewives]

Laptop suitable for those students

Laptop suitable for those students

For those who are studying in college, university, a common means is a laptop, which will be in a small budget, small in size, light in weight, and stylish.

Since different colleges and universities are now offering Wi-Fi access, having a laptop Wi-Fi, web camp is not a bad thing. You can take it to the college varsity as you wish.

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And you can get such benefits in notebooks. You can get single core or dual core or Core i3, low 1GB RAM [DDR2, DDR3], 250-500GB hard disk.

For example, HP’s 4410s Probook which costs only 45 thousand rupees and Dell’s Inspiron 4020 which costs only 40 thousand rupees.

Laptops suitable for Programmers/Gamers

Laptops suitable for programmers/gamers

If you are a programmer/gamer [eg: web developer or software developer], you need a powerful and highly configured laptop. So that new technology has been used. So you can use modern technology including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, web camp.

Must be very fast, so that the output is given as soon as the command is given. And for that you can get the latest technology Intel Core i5 [8 core], i7 [8 core] quality CP, DDR3 RAM, 500GB – 1 TB hard disk.

Modern technology PC I Express/graphics card which is at least 1GB. Not below and 16 inch LCD or LED display.

For example, Dell’s Studio 1557 (Core i7) costs only 65 thousand rupees.

Laptops suitable for those who do business

Laptops suitable for those who do business

Those who do business, that is, those who are business travelers, need their laptops to be very strong so that your laptop does not have any problems during critical times, because you may have to go for business, whether it is in the country or abroad.

Many important documents of the company that can be lost if your company or business company can lose a lot, now what to do if the laptop is lost? and What should I know before I buy a laptop?

No worries now a lot of powerful laptops have arrived, which no one can open without your voice or fingerprint.

You can get dual core or Core i3, low 1GB RAM [DDR2, DDR3], 250-500GB hard disk.

Laptops suitable for home use

In fact, you don’t need to have a special laptop to use at home. Your parents or siblings who use it at home will not need to listen to music, watch movies and if there is a small person at home, they will play games and browse the net. Not so much.

For this you can take single core or dual core, low 1 GB RAM [DDR2], 180-500 GB hard disk.

Other laptops:

There are many types of laptops on the market now. Exactly how many types of laptops are on the market.

[su_note note_color=”#fffee3″]The netbook is one of the things that has created a stir in the market. Which is new to the laptop family. It is smaller in the size of a great notebook the price is a very low budget.[/su_note]

You will get many good netbooks in the market at only 30 thousand to 35 thousand. It is not a very powerful laptop, but it’s popular but widespread. And the laptop demand is growing up day by day.

What should I know before I buy a laptop? Another member of the laptop family, the ‘Ultra Mobile Private Computer’ or UMPC, has generally used touchscreen technology. It tends to be much smaller in size. It is usually between 5-6 inches, and it is very luxurious.

Laptop buying a keep in mind before Things

  • The first step is to set your budget.
  • You need to decide which brand of laptop to buy and choose the best market for that brand.
  • Check to see if the latest features you want to get [such as a web camp, Wi-Fi system] are among the laptops of your chosen brand.
  • It should be noted that laptops have different ratings at the international level.
  • Laptops should be bought from a good quality sales center and it is better to check the sales center well before buying a laptop.
  • Make sure that the sales service of the sales center is good and what services will be provided.
  • Check the quality of your battery and find out from the seller what kind of back-up will be given.

Things to keep in mind when using a laptop

  • Use a separate mouse and keyboard when needed when using a laptop. This is because excessive use reduces the power of the flash pad.
  • Use a password for security.
  • Use good quality licensed antivirus. You can buy a laptop with so much money and you can’t buy an antivirus with a little money. So get an antivirus for a small fee.
  • Now the amount of laptop theft has increased so be careful in the meantime. Keep an eye on the laptop while walking on the roadside and stay away from the laptop when getting in the car.
  • Save the Spurs Katar files/documents on your laptop with a password.
  • And use very large amounts of software without the need.