How to Make Money on YouTube Vlogging [2021 Blogger]

YouTube is one of the largest online platforms in the world today (How to Make Money on YouTube Vlogging). While all its features and activities are similar to other social media.

Its biggest difference with other social media is that it cannot be monetized using other social media. But you can earn millions of rupees by uploading videos on YouTube.

YouTube is the most popular video sharing site. It’s hard to find people who aren’t familiar with the word YouTube right now. The use of YouTube in almost all kinds of daily activities starting with studies is incomparable.

Hold on, your exam tomorrow. Don’t like to read? You can watch the tutorials on that topic by turning on YouTube.

[su_note note_color=”#fffee3″]Or any cultural event at school. Teachers have said that wearing a dress is compulsory. But how to wear a dress? No worries! There is YouTube.[/su_note]

Make Money on YouTube Vlogging

YouTube is helping us like a giant of Aladdin in many more small and big needs like this every day.

I have already written an article on the strategy of making money from YouTube. Today I will tell you some new strategies to earn money from YouTube.

However, today I will tell you about the content that can be created for YouTube only by publishing yourself, that is, containing your own video.

How to Make Money on YouTube Vlogging [7 Ways]

1. YouTube Blogging/Vlogging

Currently blogging is the most popular trend on YouTube. There are countless successful YouTube vloggers around the world, who are earning millions of rupees just by uploading their daily life activities to YouTube.

Of course, for blogging, you need to be outspoken and have the eloquence and acting skills to capture the audience.

How to Make Money on YouTube Vlogging [2020 Blogger]

This video includes all the activities of your daily life, likes and dislikes, your own expressions, chats with friends, travel, everything. This means that you will present your daily life in front of the viewers through YouTube vlogging.

Casey Neistat is one of the most popular YouTube bloggers in the world with 10 million subscribers. Another successful YouTube blogger is Logan Paul, who has 16 million subscribers! YouTuber Logan Paul started his career with YouTube but later found a place in Hollywood movies.

2. Create a Web Series

Do you love to tell stories? Interested in making a series like a movie or a drama? But YouTube may be the best platform for you. If you want, you can create a series of dramas, comedy shows, talk shows, or any such web series for YouTube.

Create a web series

But you must pay attention to a specific issue. Currently, web series aired on YouTube are gaining immense popularity. So if you have a hobby of making short films, you can make a web series with a few friends. After a few episodes of promotion, hopefully, you will see the face of success. Even a successful YouTube web series can completely change your career.

3. Become a YouTube Star

You can make a lot of money as a YouTube star. PewDiePie is called the God of YouTube. So far, he has made the most money from YouTube. In 2016, he earned 15 million US dollars.

According to another statistic, in 2016, he earned over 13,000 US dollars per week. Surely you understand how much his income has increased in 2020 after four years!

Become a YouTube star

So you can become a YouTube star with gaming as well as your feedback or any other fancy content idea if you want. You can make money by monetizing your own channel.

4. Give Training

If you are very good at a subject, you can become an instructor of that subject. Tutorials are very popular on YouTube. You can give information to others by creating different types of tutorials on topics you know. You can earn money from YouTube by teaching others.

Give training

In this case, you will not only become a YouTube star, but also a respected person. Because others will recognize you as a trainer of a specific subject. You decide what the training will be like.

Maybe school, college, or university education, health education, exercise training, beauty, or any other problem-solving life. Salman Khan, the owner of Khan Academy in the United States, has become one of the most influential people in the world through YouTube.

5. Become a Chef/Make Recipes

Do you love to cook? Like to create fun recipes for everyone in the family? If you are a hobby chef, YouTube is waiting for you with huge potential.

You can become famous in a short time by uploading videos of your new recipe making techniques on YouTube. While others are struggling to make ends meet, any culinary channel succeeds on YouTube. So if you love cooking, open a channel today with your own cooking, and start earning.

6. Share Travel Experiences (Travel Vlogger)

What do you like to travel to vlogging? Run to different parts of the world to enjoy the beauty! Then you can become a successful YouTuber. Because travel content creators on YouTube are the focus of countless people’s attention.

Share Travel Experiences (Travel Vlogger)

Gradually the number of people thirsty to travel around the world is increasing. With this demand in mind, the YouTubers who publish their travel experiences and sights on YouTube are naturally able to attract a large number of viewers.

So if you have a travel hobby, open a travel YouTube channel today, and upload detailed video images to YouTube describing all the places you have traveled. Your travel channel will be successful in a short time, and you can earn a lot of money.

7. Affiliate Marketing

There are currently many companies that sell products online.

For example Amazon, Aliexpress, there are many more sites where you can go and register. Then they will send you a link that you will follow in the description of your YouTube video.

Then go to this link of your channel and you will get a certain amount of money as commission from the price of the product.

Youtube Vlogging Income Growth Strategies:

So far we have learned the 7 ways to make money through YouTube. Our full article title “How to Make Money on YouTube Vlogging” yes, the full solution this article here. Here are some strategies we can use to get more income.

  • Try to upload new good quality videos regularly. Then the viewers of the channel will continue to grow.
  • After uploading the new video, you have to give a description of the video below. Then YouTube can easily get an idea about that video.
  • After publishing the video, the video can be shared on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, etc.
  • You can link your video to other popular sites on which you have made the video. This will get a lot of visitors to your video from there.
  • Another way is to use SEO techniques. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, SEO is a technique to promote a website in various search engines including Google. Successful SEO is considered to be one of the first ten results after searching for any text or video. And for this you just have to follow some small ways. Such as the repeated use of certain words, the use of hashtags, or the use of common words that all classes of people will use to search.

Finally, I want to tell you something very important. After making the channel, but the money does not come in hand. You have to be very patient and keep working on your own.

And don’t forget that no such video can be shared by hitting the YouTube policy.

So friends! For those who are not interested in “How to Make Money on YouTube Vlogging“, start now without delay. And keep in mind that any kind of obstacle will not go unnoticed.