Which is the best video editing PC software for uploading to YouTube?

When I opened a new channel on YouTube in 2017, I didn’t have much knowledge about video editing “best video editing PC software”, so I first installed “Kinemaster” on the phone. The software is very interesting, I learned the basics of editing by editing in “Kinimaster”.

Then I installed Gametasia, a basic PC software on my laptop. Very simple best video editing PC software, easy to edit with drag and drop.

Now I am editing in “Adobe Primer Pro CC-2019” software. It’s not that easy, you just need a little more knowledge to run this software.

I have not yet edited many good softwares like “Final Cut Pro”, “Vegas Pro”.

Which configuration laptop should be used for video editing?

I have been editing videos for the past three years for content creation and marketing on YouTube Amar is the basis of this allotment year experience, so I make recommendations

Unless you have VFX editing for a great action movie, you do not need to buy a high-end machine to edit the video.

On the Lite side, any computer with 4-6GB of RAM and a slightly better processor will do.

When I started I had a small machine with 3GB of RAM and an Intel dual core processor, so I didn’t have any extra graphics card. That’s why he used Sony Vegas Pro and other standard video editors

So I would say now to run good video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Hitfilm National software so you can buy this kind of PC.

  • RAM – 4 to 8 GB
  • Processor – Intel i3 or higher
  • Graphics card – 1 GB (sufficient)
  • With this PC you can do normal VFX and green screen editing

If you have a graphics card, you can get a good rendering speed. Video editing can be done smoothly. RAM or ei kaje kichuta as.

But again, if you want to edit high level video (Hollywood movies), you can buy a little level gaming PC and edit it smoothly and quickly.

Let this day be sweet! 🙂

Does running a laptop charge damage the laptop, or is it better to run it with a charge?

Lithium ion batteries are commonly used in laptops. When a lithium ion battery is fully charged, its capacity gradually decreases.

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So it is better to charge the battery to 80% when using the laptop at home or in the office. But if you always use it to charge the laptop, the 100% charge level of the battery will continue to increase.

At the same time, the capacity of the battery will gradually decrease. But recharging the laptop when using the laptop for a long time is also inconvenient. As a solution to this problem, some software may be installed to determine the maximum charge that the laptop may have.

This means that if you set 60% or 70% of that software, the laptop will automatically stop charging after a maximum of 60% or 70% charge, and the battery will be 60% or 70% charged when the laptop is charged.

One such software on Asus laptops is “Asus Battery Health Charging”. Lenovo laptops have similar software. You need to Google it to see if there is any software on your laptop.

If you do not have any such software on your laptop, charge the laptop up to a maximum of 80% and turn off the charger. When the fee is reduced by about 30%, charge again. This way the battery life of the laptop can be extended at least slightly.

Answer 2:

Charging / battery powered laptops have a similar effect on the health of the laptop.

However, it is always necessary to increase the battery life of the laptop running on charger (by connecting the charger).

The lifespan of the battery depends on the charge discharge rate.

(Chemical reaction during charge/discharge reduces the working capacity of the battery’s electrode and electrolyte and at the same time it loses its full efficiency)

Suppose a battery is 100 times fully charged/discharged, it loses 90% of its capacity. Thus, if you charge/discharge once in 100 days, the battery life will end in 100 days. If charged/discharged once a month, the operation will be maintained for up to 100 months.

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To fully charge the battery and do not use the battery to drain the battery when there is electricity. However, once every 3 months, if the battery is fully discharged and recharged, longer life can be obtained from the battery.