Best Laptop for Travel Vlogging of 2021

The best budget laptop for travel vlogging idea of ​​separating and forgetting about work stress sounds great, it’s often not quite a possible budget traveler laptop. Moreover “digital nomads” working and traveling at the same time.

Do you love to travel and if you use a computer at home then you can’t go around the computer? That’s why it’s best to use a laptop, so today we’ll share the top 10 travel vlogging laptop.

You can easily use the best laptop for this and you will get these laptops at the lowest price and we have a lot of good quality. We will discuss the laptops in front of the budget laptop with good recharge and advice of good experts.

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Many travelers take a laptop computer on their trips to refresh their blogs, edit videos, or retouch photos in Photoshop. Others use it to listen to music, make Skype calls, or watch movies.

A few years ago, traveling with a laptop was complicated. The batteries did not last long and the extra weight was about 2-3 kg. Today, light and compact laptops are rugged.

The batteries are designed to last for several hours, making travel more comfortable. The accuracy of the new screens is amazing.

The Best Laptop For Travel Vlogging 2021 – Top Picks

Apple MacBook Air (Most Popular) $$$4.9Check Latest Price
Apple MacBook Pro$$$$4.8Check Latest Price
ASUS Chromebook C302 Flip$$$4.7Check Latest Price
Microsoft Surface Pro 6$$$4.6Check Latest Price
HP Pavilion Power$$$4.8Check Latest Price
Lenovo Ideapad Premium$$$4.9Check Latest Price
DELL XPS 13 Best Laptop$$$4.7Check Latest Price
Dell Inspiron HD High$$$4.8Check Latest Price
ASUS UX 490 UA$$$4.9Check Latest Price
Asus ZenBook UX434 $$$4.9Check Latest Price

The characteristics of depending on several factors. Not all computers are designed the same way.

The main features to consider are portability, storage capacity, battery life, processor type, screen size, and weight. Of course, the price is also important. But do not worry. There are quality options at reasonable prices.

You should also consider your destination. If you are visiting countries where you can easily steal, theft, etc. You may not want to carry 10 laptops. Anyway, don’t be paranoid: I’ve been traveling across Latin America with Macbook Pro for several years and haven’t had any problem. I know I’m risking, but I’m not going to replace my laptop with any other device.

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The Top 10 Best Laptops For Travels Reviews

Looking for the best cheap laptop for travel vlogging? You have created a list of the best templates organized by categories. Take a look and choose the one that you need this work on youtube.

Apple MacBook Air (Most Popular) 2020

Check price on Amazon

For the laptop for travel starters, it is an Apple product. High-quality product.

But above all an expensive, very lightweight to carry, ideal for students or people who simply don’t want many features, but want a laptop to view emails, or use Pagés or others.

I congratulate Apple on the other hand for the price cuts. For people who don’t know Apple this year with this model.

The price is low and the product quality improves the travel laptop. Note that it is not portable to play or edit FHD. If you want to edit videos or edit photos (Photoshop, Final Cut).

The laptops for travel and work programs, or other things that require high performance on a daily basis, you can really say goodbye to this best cheap travel laptop and go straight to Pro.

In this best small laptop for travel, if you edit some that another photo or video on time (once or twice a year) will not cause you any problem.

Gorgeous golden color, stunning touchpad, and the only thing missing are maybe more ports and more power. But apart from everything that is perfect for me. I will share 7 reasons to travel to Cambodia to check this article now.

  • 2. Apple MacBook Pro Best Travel Laptops 2020
  • Apple MacBook Pro Best Travel Laptops 2020

    Check price on Amazon

    The Apple MacBook Pro is the most popular laptop traveling here and can do everything from graphics design to designing your website.

    Once I open the laptop screen flashes. Once closed and then opened it works fine. I wanted to return this laptop but 30 days have passed (I’m Elite Member).

    I called Apple Technical Support, made some diagnostics, did some tests and said everything was fine.

    Again after a few days, I saw the same problem. I called Apple Support again, and they asked me to transfer this to my local store. I took it to the Troy Somerset store.

    The technician completely repaired it and said it fixed the problem. After a week I have the same problem again.

    This time I went to the local apple store to ask for a laptop for a travel blogger. This technician was very rude, he said that he could fix it but he couldn’t replace it.

    The worst traveler service. Don’t spend much money on this tent.

  • 3. ASUS Chromebook C302 Flip 2in1 Laptop
  • ASUS Chromebook C302 Flip 2in1 Laptop

    Check price on Amazon

    ASUS Chromebook C302 is the ultimate professional Chromebook. The Full HD foldable touch screen display, Intel Core processor, aluminum metal frame, 4GB RAM, 64GB flash storage and long-lasting battery make this Chromebook perfect for those who love the cloud on their way. movement.

    I am an IT specialist’s video editing. So when I buy something because I know what I’m looking for and do my homework.

    This is easily the best public Chromebook currently (less than $500). There is nothing I dislike about this device, so importantly, that’s what I love best travel laptops 2020.

    The laptop itself has a very good build quality with its metal body. The backlit keyboard is very nice to type. Chrome OS seems very fast, especially in Chrome browser.

  • 4. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM)
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM)

    Check price on Amazon

    Unplug, Be productive in your own way all day long. Wherever you are, the new Surface Pro 6 makes it easy to work and play almost anywhere, with the versatility of a laptop to tablet for you. Professionals. student.

    The originator. Whatever you do, let the next-generation Surface Pro 6, featuring the latest 8th generation Intel Core processor and all-day battery life, help you take your ideas to the next level.

    Customize Surface Pro 6 to suit your style with a choice of two colors Platinum or Bold, New Black.

    Transform it into a full laptop with the premium Type Cover, Surface Pen, and Surface Arc Mouse. With Windows 10 Home, enjoy familiar features like logging into Windows Hello without the password and Cortana smart assistant, and create your best job with Office 365 on Windows. LCD monitor.

  • 5. HP Pavilion Power
  • HP Pavilion Power best Laptop for Travel Vlogging

    Check price on Amazon

    I really love this, it does what I need to do it, but after it is fully loaded and loaded; Within an hour (without sending anything, without music, without videos, nothing draining the battery) I find I have to connect it to a power source (also known as a port) to continue working.

    The battery never runs out of speed! This is my only complaint on this computer. Patriarchate life! I have had this computer since and cannot go for an hour without draining the battery.

  • 6. Lenovo Ideapad Premium
  • Lenovo Ideapad Premium Best Budget Travel Laptop

    Check price on Amazon

    This is the second Lenovo I bought. I use the Lenovo 17 inch desktop touch screen. He is 81 years old and has never used anything electronic in his life, so if he can do that, then anyone can. This is the perfect laptop.

    I like the weight and elegant silver. Clear picture and good sound. Best of all, great product, great price. Try it, you will be surprised with pleasure.

    This laptop is the worst I’ve ever bought. It was almost instantly slow and the battery lasts for only 3 hours.

    It’s very frustrating to perform simple Google searches due to slowdowns. Also, the webcam is not the clearest quality, but otherwise, it works fine.

    It also does not download files or images very well because they are corrupt and cannot be opened half the time, but these same files can be downloaded perfectly on other devices.

  • 7. DELL XPS 13 Travel Blogging
  • Dell Inspiron HD High Performance Laptop

    Check price on Amazon

    The Dell XPS 13 travel vlogging combines the functionality and power of a regular computer with the size of a portable laptop.

    It features a 3840 x 2160 HD display, a 512GB hard drive, and a 1.8GHz Intel Core i7 processor with a 4.0GHz turbo processor, running Windows 10.

    I want to comment that the computer I bought was refurbished from Amazon warehouse and was in perfect condition, all you have to do is comment that I had to contact Dell Technical Support to install non-standard drivers and remove excessive noise from fans.

    Update amazing computer drivers, fast silent And very light, the touch screen has a lot of picture quality, Glad to buy, highly recommended.

  • 8. Dell Inspiron HD High Performance laptop for travel and work
  • Dell Inspiron HD High Performance Laptop

    Check price on Amazon

    Firstly, this is a great laptop so far. I only got it for two days, but I am impressed with its performance so far. I love the backlit keyboard especially.

    It has two brightness settings with the Alt + F10 keys. I got it wrong to install Dropbox right away and started downloading my files.

    When I noticed that the data It’s put in SSD instead of Data Drive so. I had to change my settings in Dropbox and then move them all from SSD to DD.

    Now for the inaccuracy: 1. Don’t weigh 2.65 lbs. It weighs 5 pounds. Secondly, I doubt it has a USB 3.1 port even though the system says that.

    There is no blue internal tab on the port and what I understand is what determines the fastest drive.

    Now, I might be wrong about that, but from what I can check, all the USB 3.1 ports have the blue internal tab.

  • 9. ASUS UX 490 UA Best Travel Laptops 2020
  • ASUS UX 490 UA Best Travel Laptops 2020

    Check price on Amazon

    The ASUS UX 490 UA is the latest model in our advanced choice. It has become very popular recently due to its good design, and it’s ultra-thin, light and fast.

    The best laptop for work Plus, it has an impressive 1920 x 1080 HD screen, and all this at a very reasonable price. It is one of the cheapest (among the powerful options) on the list.

    If you need a reliable laptop for travel blogging with great performance but don’t want to spend a lot of money, then this is probably the best buy for this year.

  • 10. Asus ZenBook UX434 Laptop for Travel Vlogging
  • Asus ZenBook UX434 Laptop for Travel Vlogging

    Check price on Amazon

    The ASUS ZenBook comes with an 8th generation Intel processor, 16GB RAM, and 1TB hard drive. Made of polished and elegant metal.

    It is 0.6 inches thick and balances a lightweight of 3 pounds. And with a full suite of ports, communication is easier than ever.

    The screen Pad 2.0 intelligently adapts to many applications on the 5.65-inch touch screen, and you can easily add apps to Screen Pad for instant access.

    The recently improved Screen Pad experience ensures that your favorite apps, like notes and dots, will run smoothly on this secondary screen instantly, without requiring a specific version of the screen panel.

    Asus also works closely with third-party developers, including Corel video editing software developer, to optimize adaptive screen panel tools for maximum productivity, and there is more to come.

    The Best Cheap Laptop for Travel Blogging Buying Guide

    best cheap budget travel laptop for new vlogger

    1. WINDOWS or MAC?

    WINDOWS or MAC myvlogginggear

    Windows v. Mac. Although there are different opinions, Windows is still the most popular option, with a wide range of hardware and software. On the other hand, the Mac OS is, for many, more stable, solid, and reliable.

    I have used both systems, and I prefer the Mac OS, though, the new HP, Lenovo, and Asus devices are amazing, and Windows seems to have improved the system significantly.

    2. Size

    If you are worried about portability, you need a compact and lightweight model. Most options should work on the menu, as they are designed to be very light and extremely accurate.

    If you don’t have specific needs, an 11-13 inch screen would be a good idea to and work.

    3. Weight

    Most people working and traveling at the same time are looking for lightweight portable computers that are easy to carry. Chromebooks, Convertibles, and Ultrabooks are the best laptop options, and in most cases, it weighs less than 1 – 1.5 kg.

    Many new models no longer include large DVD players or hard drives. I recommend not buying a 17-inch computer unless you need this screen for your business.

    4. Quality of presentation

    You will spend many hours looking at the computer screen, so this should be enough. Many best laptops for travelers today (especially open ones) have touch screens, which are sometimes very bright.

    Keep in mind that bright screens produce a lot of thinking and can harm your eyes after long exposure.

    5. The batteries

    The batteries in the included laptops are designed to last for several hours. However, the manufacturer’s specified term is sometimes different from reality.

    Some settings, such as brightness, resolution, running tasks, or save modes can greatly affect battery performance.

    If you use software that requires high processing, or if you transfer many files over WiFi or Bluetooth, the batteries will not last as long as you want.

    6. The keyboard

    If you’re going to use your travel blogging a lot and type a lot, it’s a good idea to incorporate a comfortable keyboard.

    It is important that the keyboard has full-size keys with some space around. Make sure the keyboard is back lit so you can type in the dark.

    7. Building

    Even if you are the most cautious person in the world, your laptop might fall down or fall down. You can also add coffee or water to it.

    Some models are designed to withstand little water and dust. Take a look at the specifications to ensure that the model you are interested in has passed these tests.

    8. Central Processing Unit

    Most popular laptops use Intel-Core processors. These processors provide great performance for multitasking and multimedia options. Core i3 is the main choice and is found on simple PCs.

    Core i5 processor is much faster, which is one of the most used CPUs. More advanced often use Core i7 CPU to ensure better performance, quality, and speed.

    9. Ram

    RAM allows you to run multiple applications at the same time and quickly access data such as photos or videos. If you want a sturdy laptop for travel writers, make sure it has 4GB to 8GB RAM.

    10. Hard drives

    It is important to check hard disk capacity and speed. Some people need hard drives with ample space to store photos, music, and videos. However, the ability is not the only thing to consider.

    Speed ​​is an important factor in quick access to data. Manufacturers indicate the speed of a hard disk in RPM.

    Most new models include SSDs instead of hard drives, especially light models. SSDs are much faster, run quietly, and add less weight and size.

    11. USB 3.0

    I recommend that you search for a laptop with multiple USB 3.0 ports to connect an external hard disk drive, mouse, or charger.

    How to protect your laptop (Exclusive 6 Tips)

    1. Use a protective cover

    No matter what kind of trip you take, you must protect your laptop from bumps and rain. You can use a cap with a handle if you want to carry it as a bag or travel bag for easy transportation

    2. Never leave it unintentionally

    Keep it close at all times, especially at airports, train stations, and bus stations. When I travel by night bus, I always leave my computer in a backpack with a belt around my legs. If you’re in a market or crowded place, put your backpack on top.

    3. Moisture and heat

    High temperatures and humidity can cause problems with electronic devices.

    5. Voltage and transformers

    Ensure that your device can work with the voltage used in the country you are going to visit. If not, you can bring an adapter and possibly a travel adapter.

    6. Badaluk

    Some things may “disappear” in backpackers. Check that the hostel has a locker and leave it closed at all times.

    How to protect your information (Laptop or PC)

    1. Check the data

    Before leaving the house, check that your data and programs are arranged. Check your firewall is working and make sure you have the latest antivirus software installed.

    2. It does not depend on unknown networks

    Today, most airports, bus stops, and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi. However, these networks are not safe. Someone can easily enter and steal your information.

    Try not to send personal data, credit card numbers, or other sensitive information.

    3. Use passwords

    Of course, you always have to use a password to access your computer. Some services, such as Gmail, have dual confirmation systems to prevent unauthorized access. First, you set your password; They send you a code to the phone, so you can access it by entering the code.

    4. Make backup copies

    You can use an external hard drive or a server over the Internet. Dropbox gives you 2GB free storage, which also doesn’t mean storing photos. Mega gives you 50 GB of storage.

    Which is quite acceptable for a free service. However, keep in mind that this page has gone through a lot of legal issues recently and nobody knows if it will shut down one day.

    5. Disable booting from CD or USB

    With some programs, it is easy to erase or guess passwords. However, to run this program it is necessary to start the computer from a USB drive or a CD.

    You can disable the option to boot from these devices to increase security.

    6. Encrypting your hard drive

    If you have confidential data, I suggest you encrypt your hard drive. You can do this using BitLocker, an encoder available for Windows. TrueCrypt works with Windows XP, Linux, and OS X operating systems.

    What is the laptop for travelling vloggers?

    In the digital age, we have taken advantage of a travel style that relies heavily on smartphones, apps and the best travel laptops on the market.

    Advances in technology have completely changed the journey over the past few decades.

    Advancing technology opens the door to many opportunities not found in previous generations.

    The more connected you are, the more opportunities you will have. Many travelers prefer to go with a lightweight laptop to connect.

    However, choosing the best travel laptop is not always easy. With so many options, it’s no surprise that people can’t make up their minds.

    We have put together a laptop buyer’s guide for Myvogginggear and Digital Nomads to ensure you get the best laptop for your travels.

    The Best Travel and Digital Nomad Laptops

    For many travelers, traveling with a laptop is not necessary. As smartphones have become so powerful, the computer can accomplish most of the tasks previously required with the device in your pocket.

    For many things that require movies and the big screen, tablets are cheap, lightweight, and good.

    Still, there are times when you can’t beat the perfect laptop. If you work while traveling, you will soon reach the limit of a mobile device. Android and iOS are designed to do one thing at a time, using a touch interface. Most work tasks are not.

    Many professional tools are limited or not available for mobile operating systems, and are much faster and easier on a laptop than everything from typing to editing photos or video footage.

    We’ve been traveling with a laptop for travel and work for over a decade, from the smallest netbook to the most powerful MacBook Pro, and we know what works and what doesn’t.

    After looking at dozens of the latest models, in all shapes, sizes, and prices, we believe these are the best laptop options for travelers by 2021.

    Whether you are on a tight budget or spend a lot, travel full time, or want something for the next vacation, we offer you security. There is even an amazing digital nomadic system under Cell 1000$ that allows you to work all day long and you have cell service anywhere!

    Final Word

    Regardless of your budget, there is the Best Travel and Digital Nomad Laptops of 2021 at all the best cheap travel laptop levels and specifications. Decide what you want for the best laptop for travel writers and how you will use it. From there, you can decide on the budget and specifications you will need.

    Once you define your requirements, you can get to the exciting part of choosing a laptop for travel and work and start creating and improving your travel blog.

    Regarding the warranty, almost all manufacturers will provide one warranty for one country or region.

    Computers from the United States of America USA will not be covered in Australia and the UK and vice versa. Even if they are an identical model.

    This is very frustrating, and in my opinion, it is a way to set prices and products around the world. As you probably aren’t stationary in one area for long periods of time.

    The need to move a computer to the other side of the world is not something anyone wants.

    Apple is the exception, in addition to the iPhone, which only has warranties for the country of purchase, all other Apple products are covered wherever Apple products are sold.

    They also care about Apple, which is an extended coverage at an additional cost. This could be a good reason to spend this extra amount on the best budget travel laptop Apple MacBook.

    So your are comment “your favorites travel vlogging laptop” idea and questions.

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