Top 5 Best Camera Youtubers Use 2021 (Expert Review)

Can you find the best camera YouTubers use to update expert reviews? Do you want to buy a new one for yourself? Or do you plan to give a gift to your loved one camera for starting youtube? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place.

It is one of your most recurring questions: camera used by YouTuber with which camera have you recorded this video? And is that if you want to become super famous YouTubers and billionaires like us, the first thing is to get a good team to record.

That is why we have returned to Casanova Foto in Barcelona to tour its sideboards and choose for you what we consider to be the best current cameras to record videos for YouTube.

Obviously almost any device capable of recording video can be a good tool to start as a YouTuber, but in this selection, we wanted to prioritize those cameras that allow you to record yourself comfortably and that incorporates a microphone input.

What cameras do YouTubers 2021use?

The best cameras for Youtuber and Vlogging

  • Best Recommended Youtuber cameras (4K)
  • Best Updated camera Canon EOS 90D
  • Sony a6400 Best use for YouTuber
  • Recommended cameras Canon EOS M50
  • Canon EOS 250D

Two characteristics that we consider essential. Our youtube channel all video makes this sony camera.

Top 5 Best Camera Youtubers Use 2021 -Best Picks

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best camera youtubers use

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After 12 years of using the Nikon D90 and wanting to leap into the mirrors, I decided on Sony’s latest model to handle, take pictures.

It’s all good, but it’s also true that I expected something more than a picture resolution, overall vlogging camera use it best performance now HD camera.

Before doing this, let me answer the question about someone who wants to jump and had no old camera without a mirror, is this a good buy? Certainly a great option, everything that made the original so good, still exists or has been greatly improved, with little compromise.

2. Best Updated camera Canon EOS 90D

best camera of youtubers

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It is a fantastic DSLR camera with everything you could wish for. I only recommend spending as much as possible on buying good lenses that can satisfy all your uses. The room is fabulous but the lenses must be too.

This 15-55mm lens is quite flexible but if you can take the camera of a model with a lens that reaches 80 or 100+ mm it is even better. But as I said before, it depends on your uses. Mine is a photographic-photographic use.

The only flaw of the lens that I have found is that the change of focus is very very smooth and therefore it is easy to miss the focus slightly. But it’s a great lens to get started.

3. Sony a6400 Camera

best quality camera for youtube

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It would be like a vitaminized Sony a6400: better construction, sealed to dust and splashes camera used by youtuber.

For those who are upgrading from an old Sony camera, the most important new features are the touch screen, effortless eye focus, and real-time tracking. The touch screen is ideal for quickly reset the Eye-AF point, allowing you to touch or drag a finger on the back LCD screen.

This function is available for displaying an LCD or EVF display and is a great step forward from the old four-way directional platform. The updated Sony Eye-AF app is amazing and allows you to focus on composition without worrying about where to focus the camera.

best camera for starting youtube

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Interchangeable lens cameras that record at 1080p with very good image quality, good focus system, selfie mode display, and microphone input.

Great value for the price. It is small and light. It records in 4K but with limited functions for vlogging, so we include it as a recommended camera.

Equipped with low consumption Bluetooth technology. The best camera for starting youtube logos, trademark, and word are registered trademarks owned by the Bluetooth.

All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective companies. Requires initial pairing with a compatible device.

5. Canon EOS 250D (#Best selling camera for youtuber)

best camera for start youtube

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I was hesitating between this model and the M50 (non-mirror and smaller), but after seeing several comparisons and reviews.

I decided on this 250d because all the reviews highlighted. The long battery life by not using a digital viewfinder and taking advantage of the mirror.

This gives it a much longer life With every charge, by being able to use the camera without using its screen or using unnecessary power.

For the rest, I love it, I’ve had an SLR for years, but now I need to shoot videos. Take some pictures for some work and I didn’t want a very advanced or expensive best quality camera for youtube either. This range of canon looked a good option.

People some questions about what does a camera for starting youtube

What is the best camera for a youtuber?

Many consider it the perfect camera to be a youtube content creator or vlogger. On many websites, they call it the virtual camera that everyone needs to buy to start recording videos online.

What is the best camera to take photos and video?

Sony a6400 II is also one of the favorite video cameras. It has a 12.2MP full format sensor. Thanks to this sensor, it can reach 102,400 ISO, extendable up to 409,600 ISO.

This means that Sony Alpha A7S II can literally see (and record) in the dark.

What is the best camera for beginners 2021?

Canon EOS 250D is my favorite with the best value for money for a novice or mid-level photographers.

For those who want to buy an SLR camera but have a tight budget, the Canon EOS 250D with 18-55 stable lens sony a6400.

We’ve got 72 hours of good expert feedback and all the site check for you. It would be nice if you had any 1 camera. You can comment on your status.